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Crew Self-Service is your new site for personal employee information

Posted: October 4, 2016

Working together, Human Resources and Information Technology built a new website—Crew Self-Service (CSS)—to provide you with access to information and resources previously only available from the Crew Office or your manning agency.

Using CSS, you can access your personal employee information, including contract details, rotation schedules, pay statements, manning agency contacts, next ports, and more.

We tested CSS this summer on Crown Princess with great results, and it is now ready across the Princess fleet.

CSS is easy to use. When onboard, open Google Chrome and type “” in the address bar or click the link from Portholes. From home, visit or click the link from Homeport. Then, log in with your Compass username/password and select the items you want to see.

You can use CSS from onboard computers and company-issued mobile devices, as well as from home while on leave. For faster connections and greater security, while onboard, you will use a version of the site stored on each ship. Free access from personal devices on the Crew Wi-Fi network will be available as soon as possible.

Because privacy is very important, we encrypt and protect your personal information. The site is only accessible using your Compass ID and password, so please always log out when you are finished—especially when using a shared computer.

We are excited for you to start using Crew Self-Service and hearing your feedback. However, this is just the beginning for CSS. We already have plans to add more features and functionality next year.

If you have any questions or problems, please visit the Crew Office for help. You can also join the open discussion on We Innovate Ideas.

Latest News

Latest News